What Floats My Boat

What types of projects do you get the most excited to produce and

When I am reading through a manuscript and I laugh out loud (because I’m supposed to, not because it’s awful), I know I have a winner.

When I realize I’ve just read several pages and forgot to edit, I know I have a winner.

Other than that, this is a tough question to answer because I can get excited over any genre, fiction as well as non-fiction, that is really well written.

In fiction, I want something that tells a good story. I like something that touches me deeply, that speaks to common issues and core fears that most of us deal with. I like things with a positive ending–notice, I did not say happy. The book can end on a tough note, but there needs to be the promise that all will be well eventually.

In non-fiction, it has to be supportive of gospel principles and teachings. It needs to make me see something old in a new light or help me to understand something new. It needs to be a topic that a significant number of people would be interested in reading (like LDS history, marriage & family, etc.), or that a small group really, really needs or wants (like addictions, abuse, etc.).

And it always helps if the author is really pleasant and easy to work with.

Looking for Romance? Call 566-0000…

I’m teaching a writing class on romance next week and enjoyed your blog reply where you said what you wanted and what you didn’t want. I wonder if you could share with me your opinion on specifically romance so that I could include it in my presentation. What you want to see and what you don’t want to see. Thanks.

Please keep in mind that each publisher will have a slightly different take on this, so what I like, another won’t, and vice versa.

What I don’t want to see is the rebellious or non-LDS man who falls in love with the LDS woman, who is attracted by her goodness, converts to the gospel and they live happily ever after. That is too predictable, too shallow and has been done to death. I don’t want to see the tragic romance where one of the key characters dies at the end. I don’t want to see anything like the traditional “Harlequin” romance stories, with mindless women ruled by their emotions, who know they’re in love with a rogue but just can’t help themselves. I don’t mind some of the traditional romance elements in the story, but that can’t be the whole story.

What I’d like to see is some emotional depth to human relationships, some struggle–something more than love conquering all trials quickly and easily. I’d like to see realistic handling of real life issues. I like to see romantic suspense and historical romance with strong non-traditional women who have half a brain. I’d like to see some average women involved in romance, rather than just the love stories of the slim, young and blond.