Pitch #3

At the Scout overnighter, 11 year old twins Matthew and Marc stumble upon a secret meeting in the woods where four men are plotting murder. Known for their tall tales, when they get back to camp, they find no one will believe them, not even the bishop (who is also their dad). Can they foil the murderous plot without becoming one of the dearly departed themselves? (66 words)

Author: LDS Publisher

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4 thoughts on “Pitch #3”

  1. This one intrigued me, especially the last sentence. It injected a sense of humor that I hope is present throughout the entire book.

  2. Your word economy is amazing! And that last sentence shows some humor. I’d probably ask for a partial, if your real query showed the same type of humor and you threw in a few more twists that would set it apart from a standard kids-solving-mysteries novel.

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