Pitch # 7

The nation of Israel stands though perhaps not for long after her second king, David, is chased from the throne and almost killed by his son Absalom. As years pass Israel’s enemies take advantage of the wicked Absalom’s reign to weaken the borders and take Israel’s cities from her. Despite having lost his chance at exaltation because of the murder of Uriah, David attempts to reconcile himself with his traitorous son, regain his throne to restore peace, and endure living the commandments of God to the end of his life. (90)

Author: LDS Publisher

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5 thoughts on “Pitch # 7”

  1. I’m the author and of course must vote for myself. I’ll go vote for another that I liked too and save a possible third vote for the person/people who’ve asked extensions due to weather.

  2. I have to vote for this. It sounds terrific — and I think I might know the guy who’s pitching it. 🙂

  3. You lost points because I couldn’t tell how to market this. Is the focus the political intrigue, the rise and fall of a king, family betrayal or a story of repentance and redemption? Who is the targeted reader? I’m guessing adults, but from this pitch I couldn’t be sure.

    How would this novel be different from me simply picking up the Old Testament and reading the story there? I need you to tell me why your version is something people would want to read when they already know the story.

    The good news is people have had success with historical fiction based on people from the scriptures. But I probably wouldn’t ask for a partial unless you gave me some selling points in the query.

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