Another Contest

I did four posts yesterday. How did that happen? Blame it on jet lag, I guess.

So I’m taking it easy today. No big discussions. Just another contest you can enter (after you’ve entered something for mine, that is).

In last week’s free FFW Small Markets newsletter (sign up at FundsforWriters), they mentioned the following contest:

HAVE YOU ENTERED YET? FUNDSFORWRITERS ANNUAL CONTEST. 70 entries so far. Imagine that…you have several chances in 70 to win a prize. Where are you going to find odds like that? Also, this year we are surprised to see that half are paid entry fee submissions and half are no entry fees. Do the math. You have one chance in 35 to win $150? Where do you have an opportunity like that?

(If you can’t get this link to work, copy and paste it into your URL address line.)

And while you’re there, surf around her site. It’s got lots of cool stuff on it.

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