My Favorite Publisher Doesn’t Publish Fiction–Am I Out of Luck?

I met the owner of a small LDS publishing house and was very impressed with them. I’ve written an LDS novel that I’d like to submit to them, but when I checked their website, there aren’t any novels listed. They don’t really mention what they’re looking for in their submission guidelines. Does that mean my chances of working with them are zero, or is there a possibility they’d consider me? How do I find out?

Since I don’t know which publishing house you’re talking about, I can’t really answer your question. Some small houses are looking to expand, just waiting for the right manuscript to launch a new genre or topic area. Others are only interested in publishing in their specialty. If you really think they’re the cat’s meow, it won’t hurt to do some investigation.

Did this owner give you their business card or their e-mail address? If they did, a very SHORT e-mail would be okay. It should go something like this:

Dear Ms. LDSP:
My name is Jane Doe. I met you last week at the XYZ Writers Conference. I was very impressed with your comments. [a little schmoozing is nice, but don’t overdo it.] I noticed on your website that you haven’t published any fiction. [this shows you did your homework] Is this an area you are looking to expand into? If so, may I send my LDS romantic suspense directly to you, or should I send it to someone else within your company?
Sincerely, Jane Doe

Notice how short that is?

If they didn’t give you a card or e-mail, call the receptionist and ask if the company would consider fiction manuscrips and to whom you should address your submission.

Author: LDS Publisher

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