Critique for Charity

An author named Brenda Novak hosts an annual online auction to fund the search for a cure for diabetes. A lot of her author friends offer their books and other stuff for sell at the auction. There are a few who are offering manuscript critiques. The one that I think would be very valuable is the one offered by Kristin Nelson, national literary agent who specializes in women’s and speculative fiction (but also does others). If you write in that area, you might want to keep an eye on her item.

I’ve never tracked this auction before, so I have no idea how high the bidding will get. But what an opportunity!

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One thought on “Critique for Charity”

  1. Kristin won’t be the only agent offering her services. By the time the auction is ready to go, there will be multiple editors and agents (really big names) that will be auctioning off partial critiques.

    I remember one auction with Steve Axelrod, a big agent for romance writers, who did a partial critique that went for $970.

    I would say though that most critiques like that usually go for $200 to $300 or so – it’ll depend on the editor/agent and what people are willing to pay to get their attention.

    I’ve never heard of an agent or an editor buying a manuscript based on an auction critique though, so writers may want to know that they’re going into it and paying for the detailed feedback rather than a chance to sell their manuscript.

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