Brain Surgery

Do you think it’s easier to become a brain surgeon than a published author?


It’s all about perception. There is an actual mathematical equation for this. It is:

Actual difficulty + [(perceived personal skill + personal desire to achieve goal) X number of people who believe they have the skill and desire] + number of perceived stumbling blocks unfairly placed in the way by people who are not as intelligent as you = perceived difficulty

According to the scientific study of 1,000 random people that I did last night in preparation to answer this question, I discovered:

(10 being most and 1 being least)

10 + [(0 + .2) X 0] + 3 = 13 = Difficulty in Becoming a Brain Surgeon

4 + [(10 + 9.5) X 1,000] + 10 = 19,514 = Difficulty in Becoming a Published Author

Author: LDS Publisher

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2 thoughts on “Brain Surgery”

  1. See . . .I knew it. Thank you for that equation–I knew there was one out there. And, you are so amazing that you could conduct a random survey last night. Wow, do your talents ever end?

    By the way, these are fantastic questions–whomever is supplying them should be highly rewarded. You should publish his/her manuscript or something (unless he/she’s too busy applying for medical school)! 🙂

  2. Wow, and I thought I was blatant at self-promotion. 🙂 Just kidding, anonymous.

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