Promo Contest Entry #2

Book: The Jump Boys

Teaser: Don’t believe what the science books tell you, Jupiter is really a thriving community hidden from the view of marauding space pirates. Two adventurous boys, Jayce and Valen Jump, are as busy as any other students on Jupiter or elsewhere. Will they be able to settle a dare from an arch rival, solve a planet-wide mystery, battle space pirates and save a desperate family from disaster and have time to finish their homework? Enjoy a fast ride through this amazing world that’s everything and more that you ever imagined Jupiter, and space beyond, could be. Sounds good. I’d like to read this one.

Promo Idea: I would provide all the buyers with their own jump drive, on which there would be a copy of The Jump Boys, a copy of the first chapter of the next Jump Boys book, and for fun, a little game called Graviton. The buyers would enjoy the game (it’s consistent with the book), would love the portability of The Jump Boys copy and they’d love knowing that the next book was well on it’s way and was just as good as the first book. They could stock their shelves with The Jump Boys with confidence knowing that the author was committed to the art and to the Jump Boys books to follow.

Great idea; would never work.

First, jump drives are way too expensive to give out to all purchasers of the book.

Second, unless you created/owned the copyright for Graviton, this could cause problems.

Third, giving away a free electronic copy of the book would allow readers to e-mail it to all their friends. Bookstore buyers won’t like this and it would discourage some from stocking the book. (And before anyone says that all books have free readers via the library and people loaning them, yes, I know. But trust me, electronic copies have much easier availability and it hurts sales if it’s not handled correctly. I know. I lost money on a project like this.)

Now, having a contest where say, twenty people could win jump drives by answering a trivia question from the book online…that would work. You could have a web-page style something on there (assuming you, as the author, or one of my in-house employees had the skills and time to create it). You could include fun interactive facts about the boys, planets, science, etc., maybe a couple of short stories that weren’t included in the book, maybe out-takes, and some other fun stuff. I’d definitely put the first chapter of the next book on the jump drive–IF the second book was already written, submitted and accepted by me. (I’ve had way too many promised books fall through and never materialize.)

Author: LDS Publisher

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12 thoughts on “Promo Contest Entry #2”

  1. I like this idea because of the teaser chapter and I think that marketing it with the game is an excellent idea.

  2. Unique idea! However, buying jump drives for every customer would get pricey–I’d use a CD instead. (Of course, that ruins your cute jump drive/Jump Boys theme.) You’ve got my vote!

  3. Vote:
    As a sci-fi buff from a young age I read every sci-fi available and ran out of books way too soon. I think this could have potential to become a modern “Hardy Boys” style series in a sci-fi/modern setting. I think it’s been too long since there was a good series that captured the imagination of young kids and the infinite adventures that await one in outer space.

    Being a computer guy I love the idea of a free thumb-drive or as the marketing idea puts it “Jump Drive” as it’s also known to many of us geeks. It immediately brings to mind the title of the book. The gizmo would be useful and not likely to be garbaged or left in a drawer like a keychain. It would be a really good way to get new chapters and other book teasers on someone’s computer.

  4. I like the sound of this book, and I think it would be appealing to boys and girls alike. The ‘jump’ drive sounds like a cute idea and surely to be a good hit. This one has my vote!!

  5. love this book idea. I think that it would appeal to those tweens who “think” they don’t like reading.

  6. Creative idea that my three kids would definitely like! I love the idea of the Jupiter clouds as “cover”!

  7. This book has my vote! I have 4 boys and I think that this kind of book would be appealing to them. My son sitting next to me thinks it would be interesting and fun to read.

  8. Being a bear of very little brain, at least in the area of technology, I don’t know what a “jump drive” is, but from the pitch and the comments, it sounds like a good idea! The marketing campaign definitely fits the theme of the book — which sounds very exciting, by the way — and I love the assurances that the next book in the series is already on its way. The Gravitron game will definitely get the attention of boys, even those who don’t consider themselves readers. This idea gets my vote!

    Melanie Goldmund

  9. Just thinking of something … you said you’d provide all the buyers with this jump drive thing, right? So if somebody bought it off the internet, it would be included in the package? Or could they have the possibility of asking you, the author, for the promo piece once they can prove to you that they’ve bought the book? They could answer a question or forward their e-mail ordering form, or whatever, and then you’d send the jump drive in the mail?

    Just wondering.

  10. Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

    My name is Ali Cross and you can visit my blog at

    The Jump Boys is a great book I think you guys would really enjoy! The second book is on it’s way too … so no need to wait to read what happens to the boys next!

    As for the promo idea … I had originally intended the jump drives to be for those behind-the-scenes guys who buy the book from the publisher and then stock their shelves. BUT taking into consideration the things the publisher said, I can see how her ideas would be better. I feel confident I could design a fun interactive program for the drive filled with all sorts of activities for kids. And I loved the idea of including some extra short stories in there too.

    Guess I’d better get crackin’ at finding a publisher for this thing, eh?

    Thanks again!

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