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What is your favorite book of all time? Why? Plot, characterization, description, setting? What made you remember it?

Did Jeff Savage put you up to this? He’s always trying to trick me into revealing my secret identity.

Seriously, while I won’t give you specific titles, the novels I like best are very strongly character driven with plot twists that take me at least two thirds of the way through the book to figure it out. I need solid, clever dialog. Setting is almost completely unimportant to me, as long as it’s believable and I only need enough description to give me a sense of place.

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Book”

  1. It’s okay, LDSP — we’re all still trying to figure out Jeff Savage’s real identity too. I suspect he was born as Herman Hincklewitz, but he’s not talking.

    Beulah (also a made-up name, thank goodness.)

  2. Great dodge LDSP. But you give Jeff far too much credit for his sleuthing abilities. His characters are much better suited to the powers of deduction, reasoning and calcualtion than is Mr. Savage. Jeff is nothing more than a mere mortal. His characters are, well, imortal and nearly always believeable. For heaven’s sake, I’ve been leaving anonymous comments everywhere Jeff blogs and comments and he still hasn’t figured out who the heck I am. Not that he cares, but he certainly hasn’t mastered defense of the dark art of deductive reasoning and exposed me to the rest of the LDS Author blogging public. Surely you can risk telling us that Gone with the Wind is your third choice without risking too much of your identity. Surly there are more than two LDS publishers who think that’s a decent read. And if you tell us that Last of the Mohicans is your second choice and Harry Potter is your Novel of choice you give us three inane clues that will only throw of the masses. If, however, you were to admit that Kerry Lynn Blair’s Ghost of a Chance we would know who you were immediately. So what is? Do you really insist on hiding your current favorites from us or will you come to your senses and realize that you will still be wearing your mask after divulging your favorite novels. By the way, I saw you shopping at Universtity Mall a couple of weeks ago. I like your new outfit.

  3. LOL. You all are funny.

    Okay, the REAL reason I’m not revealing my favorite book(s) is that I just recently did so in a public forum and some of you were there and agreed with me. I also discussed some specific LDS titles, so I’m staying mum on Kerrie Blair.

    But I will say this, Gone with the Wind and the Last of the Mohicans are not on the list. Harry Potter makes a decent showing.

    (Thank you. I love it when people complement my clothing, even when they’re making a stab in the dark.)

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