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This is “heck” week for most LDS publishers. Next week is the annual convention of the LDS Booksellers Association. We’re putting the finishing touches on our displays and marketing materials. The convention starts next week. Tuesday we set up our booths, then the convention itself runs next Wednesday through Friday (Aug 15-17th).

This year the theme is on working together as a team—which I really like. It’s especially important for the smaller companies to act like a team, supporting and encouraging each other, rather than as competitors. If we don’t work together, we could all be in trouble.

Here’s the logo:

If you want to know more about the LDSBA convention, click here to read last year’s posts. I plan to get some pictures of the booths again this year and post them here for everyone to see.

Just out of curiosity, who’s going?

P.S. This may be the last post until after the convention. We’re busier this year than last year and I need to concentrate on making that filthy lucre. If you’ve been thinking about submitting a guest blog, NOW would be the time to do it.

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13 thoughts on “LDSBA Convention”

  1. I’ll be there, both with the LDS Storymakers and the Phoenix Promotions, LLC booth. I’ll drop by Brigham Distributing as Barry is the one distributing my first two books. I’ll make a stop at Spring Creek as Chad is currently publishing and distributing my third. Other than that, I plan to browse. I love LDSBA — I love seeing what everyone has and what will be available in the market over the next year. If I only knew who you were I’d say “hi” — but alas, I only have suspicions.

  2. I’ll be there most every day, promoting the Whitney Awards. You should stop by. I’ll keep your secret–I promise!

  3. I’ll be there on a couple of the mornings because my Zarahemla Books has a booth, but most of the time my authors will be manning or womanning the booth.

    Z has three new books that I’m excited about, with great covers and more potential to get into the mainstream LDS market than our books from last year. (Not that I’m quitting my day job or anything…)

  4. I’m putting the “help for new writers” into a real test of patience. I’d like to do a blog but I’ve been trying to find out how to let you know that since I first saw your announcement, and this is the only way I’ve figured out to contact you. So if you are still looking for a blog, I’m here, obviously with lots of questions and a few things to say.

    Since I don’t know how you learn know how to contact me, I’m at

    I’m learning a lot from your blogs, but I’m just not learning it fast enough!

  5. I’ll be there, but I flaked off getting my own name tag and I’m too cheap to pay $25 at the door so Julie Wright is letting me use a tag for her retail store. I’ll be there on Thursday–I have a meeting with the people doing the e-newsletter and then I’ll just be hobnobbing. I love LDSBA! Wear a red rose in your hair so I know who you are–I promise I won’t tell (though Rob will, so don’t trust him)

  6. One Associated will not be at the convention this year, however there is a good explanation.

    We are doing better than ever. We have had a few setbacks over this past year, but are finally finishing our programming. We brought on a new partner (who is a programmmer) and he realized that the system we were going to launch had some insecurities about it (too vulnerable to hackers). So, we have been spending our time securing the program, and the wait will soon be over.

    So, why are we not coming to convention? Our initial implementation will only include about 4-6 Vendors and 1 store, so that we can make sure that they system runs smoothly – without having to resolve “everyones'” problems. So, to advertise to “everyone” at this time wouldn’t be productive.

    Once the system is running smoothly, we will then make it available to all stores and vendors to participate. I look forward to visiting with all of you. There have been many changes (for the better) to the One Associated System since convention.

    Kindest Regards,

  7. Millennial Press will be there. However, this year we have adopted a new philosophy that Chad Daybell taught us. We are simplifying our booth. Where we have always had 2 booths in the past, this year we are only going to have 1 booth. Instead of putting all of the money into the booth spaces, and decoration, we have chosen to offer better show promotions to the stores.

    My concern is that half of the stores that I have spoken with are not coming to convention. They are still taking advantage of the show promotions, but as for coming, they are not. It will be good to see all of the stores that do come. I am just glad that I get along with so many vendors, because I am afraid that is who we will all be socializing with.

    As for products, we have a new series (Setting the Record Straight) that we are adding to. We have been selling the first book in the series (Mormons & Masons) like gang-busters. We are excited to be adding 4 books to the series.

    I hope that you stop by – wearing the “red rose” in your hair, so I can finally figure out who you are. Thanks for all of your insights. I look forward to meeting you.

  8. Wish I could be there. It sounds fun. (As if I don’t have enough books to read already.)

  9. Keith–you have to have an affiliation with a publisher, vendor or book store to get a name tag through them in order to get inside. Very mysterious 🙂

    I chatted with Ryan, and Chad, and several other folk–but did not see a red rose–though I looked really really hard.

  10. I'll be there this year. I'm really excited to see everyone. I love LDSBA! Two of my Inglestone Publishing authors — Liz Adair, with "Counting the Cost" and Sharon Slater, with "Stand for the Family" –will be signing books in the Brigham Distributing booth. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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