Books Eligible for the Whitney Awards

As I’ve said before, I think the Whitney Awards idea is wonderful.

I’ve been meaning to make a list of eligible books but haven’t found the time. Stephanie, over on Write Bravely, has started a list and generously agreed to let me post her list here. I’ve posted it in the sidebar using the links she set up on her blog. If your book is on this list and you’d rather have it linked somewhere else, send me an e-mail with your preferred link.

If you have a book (or know of a book) that is eligible for these awards but is not on the list, send me an e-mail with the title, author’s name and preferred link.

Everyone else, check the list for books that you have read and like, then nominate them for an award.

UPDATED (9/10/07):

  1. This needs to be a self-policing list. I don’ t have time to make sure everyone who requests to be added to this list is actually eligible. It’s up to you to check the eligibility requirements to make sure you meet them. If a book appears on this list that is not eligible, someone please let me know.
  2. I don’t care where the link to the books go–publisher website, author website,, It is up to the person submitting the title to provide the link. I will change the link upon request by the a) author, or b) publisher.

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4 thoughts on “Books Eligible for the Whitney Awards”

  1. LDSpub, this is an awesome idea. Thanks for taking it on!

    In related news, there’s some pretty amazing news coming soon for the Whitneys. As soon as we get it finalized, I’ll let you know. It’s really huge. (I’m bursting to tell people, but the signatures aren’t in place yet.)

    But it’s neat.

  2. Sorry, I do not have the links for these.
    Also, Poulson’s Samuel: Gadiaton’s Foe should not be on the list, it was published by Covenant in 1994, it was just republished this year.

    Arnold, JoAnn. The Silant Patriots. Cedar Fort, March. Mystery/thriller.

    Bateman, Anya. The Makover of James Orville Wickenbee. Deseret, Feb.

    Bessey, Sian. Kids on a Mission: Lost in Africa. Covenant, May.

    Birdsall, Olivia. Notes on a Near-Life Experience. Random House, 2007.

    Blair, Kerry. Ghost of a Chance. Covenant, Jan.

    Buckley, Matthew. Bullies in the Headlights. Covenant, May.

    Card, Orson Scott. The Space Boy. Subterranean Press, Sept.
    ——-, A War of Gifts. Tor, Oct. Short Ender Christmas novel.

    Card, Orson Scott and Aaron Johnson. Invasive Procedures. Tor, Sept. Thriller.

    Cramer, Stephen A. Chosen. Cedar Fort, May. Pseudonym for Gerald Curtis.

    Farland, David. The Wizard of Ooze. Covenant, April. Second in the Ravenspell series.
    ——-, Worldbinder. Tor, Sept. 6th in the Runelords series.

    Gardner, William Boyd. The Operative. Covenant, Jan.

    George, Jessica Day. Dragon Slippers. Bloomsbury, March. Middle-reader fantasy.

    Gunderson, Phyllis. The Lights of Mahnori Moriancumer. Cedar Fort, Feb.

    Hainsworth, Brad E. Revenge and Redemption. Deseret, May.

    Harrison, Mette Ivie. The Princess and the Hound. Eos, May.

    Holm, H. R. Against an Amber Sky. Cedar Fort, Jan.

    Hunt, Kara. Forgotten Love. Cedar Fort, March.

    Lewis, L. C. Dark Sky at Dawn, Free Men and Dreamers v. 1. Covenant, Feb.

    Miller, Barbara. Jesse’s Highway. Cedar Fort, March.

    Moon, Harold K. Horse Stone House. Cedar Fort, May

    Olsen, Judy C. Beyond the Horizon. Covenant, Jan.

    Pearson, Carol Lynn. Summer of Truth. Cedar Fort, July.

    Roberts, Arlene. A View from the Attic Window. Cedar Fort, Jan.

    Robinson, Howard. The Last Cold Warrior. Cedar Fort, June.

    Sanderson, Brandon. Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians. Scholastic, Oct.

    Smurthwaite, Donald. The Boxmaker’s Son. Deseret, March?

    Stansfield, Ann. In Search of Heaven: The Barrington Family Saga, v. 1. Covenant, Spring.

    Strain, Elodia. Icing on the Cake, Cedar Fort, Feb.

    Terry, Roger. I Am Not Wolf. Cedar Fort, March.

    Transtrum, Kenya. Love Springs a Leak. Mapletree, 2007.

    Vandagriff, G. G. Tangled Roots. Deseret, May.

    Wiles, Patricia. The Final Farewell (The Kevin Kirk Chronices). Covenant, May.

    Wright, Jason. The Wednesday Letters. Shadow Mountain, Sept.

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