Recognizing Greatness–or Not

A couple of months ago, someone asked if I thought I would have recognized something with as much potential as Harry Potter, had it come across my desk as a submission. (Read post here.) Of course, I said I would…but it’s not always clear cut.

I was browsing Nathan Bransford over the weekend and found his take on that. He said it better than I did. Go read it.

And while you’re there, bookmark his blog or pick up his feed. He has great info and he’s pretty funny too.

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2 thoughts on “Recognizing Greatness–or Not”

  1. Thanks for links. Great reading. May I also recommend Chip MacGregor (www.chipmacgregor) I love his blogs. I learn a lot from him as well.

  2. Great info! So next time I get rejected I can comfort myself by saying, “They just couldn’t see my mushrooms.” Right?

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