Scare-Your-Pants-Off Time to Vote

Okay, that’s the last of them. Start voting!

You can review contest guidelines and voting rules here.

Click the label “07 Halloween” at the bottom of this post to bring up all contest submissions.

UPDATED: Got a few e-mails asking for clarification.

1. Post vote in the comments section of the post you’re voting for.

2. Examples of a vote I will count:
“I VOTE for this one.”
“This one gets my VOTE.”
“VOTING for this.”
Notice the common thread? Put the word VOTE in it.

3. Examples of a vote I will not count (because I don’t know it’s a vote):
“Lovely images.”
“This one was really spooky.”
“This one made me shudder.”

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4 thoughts on “Scare-Your-Pants-Off Time to Vote”

  1. I voted in the comments to the entries. No one else seems to have voted yet so I hope this is what I was supposed to do. If it wasn’t, feel free to delete my comments. And thanks for a really fun (and scary) contest.

  2. I got your e-mail and I will count your votes. But please, everyone else, put it in the comments section.

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