Wet Your Pants Scary* (aka #16)

A large mass of cosmic debris fell from the sky and plummeted deep into Lake Hi-Land, located in southeastern Michigan. The water mass that was displaced by the asteroid plumed high in an enormous fountain as waves with tsunami strength dispersed in all directions. The rolling water swept over bridges, drenched farmland and washed over the whole land. It was like a dam had broken and all of the water streamed towards the one city located on low ground on the eastern edge of the lake. Tendrils of water frothed over the banks, soaking all within reach. The wave seemed to move in slow motion as it crested over the town, packed with tourists for the annual Festival. Then time resumed its normal pace as water swelled into the town, drenching every nook and cranny until it subsided in a sodden mess that permeated every inch of ground.

The old-timers felt the chill in the air that made frail bones creak and noses run. It was time, once again, for Hell (Michigan) to freeze over.

*Title changed by request.

Author: LDS Publisher

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3 thoughts on “Wet Your Pants Scary* (aka #16)”

  1. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a bit of cheesiness, but I vote for #16.

    In spite of the hardy-har-har aspect of it, it has a starkness that would lend itself well to a sort of dark sci-fi/fantasy story. Maybe it’s a standalone, but I’d like to read what happens next if there is more.

    My only suggestion (so sorry; totally unasked for, I know) is to avoid the possibly contradictory description about how the waves dispersed in all directions, yet all the water is headed towards one place.

  2. I 100% agree with our anonymous commenter. It is a little cheesy, but I like it. You’ve got some great imagery. And yes, watch out for contradictory description.

    It’s not horror, but would make a good sci-fi, end of the world story.

    Yes, I’d keep reading.

  3. I actually only submitted this one for the humor factor. I started thinking about how I could use “hell” and “dam(n)” in a story, and then about water imagery, and from then, the goal was to have a story filled with so many water-words, you’d practically wet your pants!

    I see I failed in that particular goal.

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