Whitney Finalists Announced

The finalists for the Whitney Awards have been posted. Go take a look.

And speaking of the Whitney Awards, I’ve updated the sidebar to start the list for 2008. There is also a link to the list from 2007.

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6 thoughts on “Whitney Finalists Announced”

  1. Hi Paul,

    The determining factor is that the author of a fiction work be a member of the LDS Church. Content only determines the category. It does not have to have an LDS theme or characters. However, I imagine it should lean toward clean rather than, say erotic, as an example of outstanding LDS authorhood.

    Do go check out the rules on the Whitney site.

  2. Thanks Marsha. I assure you, my book is clean, leaning strongly toward LDS values, though some of the characters are a bit crusty.

    I looked at the Whitney site, and thought my book might qualify, but I still wasn’t certain.

    Now, I just have to get someone to nominate me when it gets published, he, he, he.

  3. That is interesting to learn. I had always assumed that LDS fiction referred to content and author. I hadn’t thought of content as irrelevant.
    Good luck to Paul in publishing your book. What’s it about?
    Tami Gooch

  4. The definition of LDS fiction depends on who you’re talking to.

    From an LDS publisher’s perspective, it usually means published by an LDS publisher, with LDS content and/or LDS characters, written specifically for LDS readers.

    For the purposes of the Whitney awards, it includes any book by an LDS author, with or without LDS content and regardless of publisher.

  5. Tamster,

    Since you asked, here is my pitch:


    With the Viet Nam war and the draft looming, Mark Wilkerson just wants to spend his last Christmas Eve with his friends and his girlfriend. But that’s before some crazy driver kills his family in a fiery automobile accident. Then, he vows revenge. But how will he ever find the person who caused the accident? And what will he do if he does? Could he be heading for an even greater tragedy than the loss of his family?


    I’m hoping to find an agent sometimes this Spring.

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