Upgrading Publishers

I have a publisher who wants me to write faster and says they want my future books. Is there any value in me trying to “upgrade” or should I just be grateful that someone wants to publish me?

If you have a publisher who loves you and wants more of you, why in the world would you want to leave them?

The only reason to even consider switching publishers is if they’re not doing a good job for you—or if they’re a small niche publisher and you want to go national.

Are they targeting your maket? Do they pay you a fair royalty? Are they promoting your books? Are your books selling well? If so, stay where you are.

Author: LDS Publisher

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One thought on “Upgrading Publishers”

  1. Being treated well is a good reason to stay, but there are other things to consider. Having them like you and want you aren’t enough.

    If they’re a tiny publisher in a niche market, for example, it would make sense to upgrade to a larger publisher in the same market who has access to more distribution and sales and maybe even things like a larger and better staff for things like editorial and design.

    Of course, it all depends on what your personal goals as a writer are. If you’re happy with your publisher, there’s no reason to change. But that would mean your goals are in line with what they can do for you.

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