What are LDS Standards?

Can you define LDS-standards as it relates to writing for the LDS market?

?? What??

If you’re LDS, you should have no problem figuring this out. If you’re not LDS, you should probably write for another market. (If you really need details, you can find a list of taboo topics here.)

Clarification to yesterday’s post about the protagonist needing to live by LDS standards: I’m talking mainstream LDS fiction, not edgy LDS fiction. There are a few places willing to look at edgier stuff but most LDS publishers are looking to sell to the mainstream LDS reader.

Now, your protagonist does not have to start out living by LDS standards. Recent case in point, Stephanie Black’s Fool Me Twice. Her main character is not LDS. When we meet her, she is a willing participant in a scam to inherit money from a distant relative. However, by the end of the book, she feels incredibly guilty about this and has changed to live a more honest and ethical life.

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  1. Did someone really ask you to define LDS Standards for the LDS market? I think that’s hilarious! Oh my! You must get some fun comments that just make you want to shake your head and say to yourself, “What were they thinking?” 🙂

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