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Do you think blog tours help sell books?


IF the stops along the blog tour have loyal readers who trust the judgment of the reviewer and the reviewer gives you a positive, well-written review. AND if there are easy links from the blog stop to a place to purchase the book online.

Anyone done a blog tour that wants to chime in?

Related to blog tours, any type of internet promo is usually a good thing. For example, Traitor by Sandra Grey has a post over on the LDS Fiction blog. As of this posting, that book had the most positive comments about it. I bought it and put it on my Summer Book Trek Reading list for that very reason. (Although I haven’t read it yet.)

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3 thoughts on “Blog Tours”

  1. I know what blogs are… and I know what a tour is. But what is a blog tour? Sorry if this is a stupid question–I tend to ask a lot of them.

  2. A blog tour is when bloggers agree to read and then post a review (and possibly an interview) about your book on certain days. The more bloggers you have, the more days you can schedule for your tour. It’s basically going from blog to blog and reading different bloggers’ reviews about your book. The idea is that a concentrated effort on blogs will make readers more aware of your book.

    I’m just finishing up a blog tour and you can go to my blog and see how it’s been working. I scheduled one blogger for each day and posted the schedule on my blog.

    I’ve had great reviews and answered some very interesting interview questions. It’s been a lot of fun.

    Tristi Pinkston and Candace Salima have also done blog tours and Jeff (J. Scott) Savage will be doing a tour this month and in August.

  3. Thanks for answering my question! I will check out your blog tour to see what it is like. Maybe this is something I should consider for my non-fiction book I have coming out soon.

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