Newly Posted LDS Fiction

This week’s new titles over on the LDS Fiction blog:

Flashback by J. Michael Hunter

Did we miss any? If we did, let me know.

We’ve also posted the next contest and the winner of last week’s contest.

And speaking of contest winners.
Rachelle and LY won prizes for last month’s contest and haven’t sent me their mailing addresses yet. If you want your prize, get me your address by the end of next week or I’ll give your books to someone else.

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9 thoughts on “Newly Posted LDS Fiction”

  1. *stands up and waves arms* Oooh, me, me, send the books to me, pleeeeze!


  2. Hey:

    This is Ly. Did I really win? When did that happen? I don’t believe you. I never win anything.

    What exactly did I win? And what did I do to deserve this honor of honors?

    I am flabergasted beyond words, but that won’t keep from throwing down at least two hundred right here.

    So tell me:

    1. How I won.

    2. What I won.

    3. And why you are so kind to try to contact me in cyberspace to let me know that I, in fact, did win.

    This is so cool. Someone, take a photo and text it to me at 801-367-1020.


  3. It was the June Comment Contest, Ly, and you won my book, Ride to Raton.

    You can take a shortcut and email me your mailing address, if LDS Publisher doesn’t mind.

    My email addy is

    If it weren’t so late, I’d look up the code for making that a clickable link, but I’m tired and bleary-eyed, so you’ll have to copy and paste it into your browser. Sorry!

    Be sure to let me know how you want the book inscribed, because I’m going to autograph it.

    Marsha Ward

  4. LY,

    Go ahead and send your mailing address to the ever generous Marsha Ward who sponsored our June comment contest. (You know, the contest that gently encourages blog readers to COMMENT ON MY POSTS. ahem.)

    In the future, contest winners just need to e-mail their addresses to me and I forward them to the sponsors. I put e-mail links in the posts when I announce the winners.

  5. Hi LDS Publisher (you really have to do something about that name…its so formal. Try something like Linda, or Paula or Kathy Jenkins, or Jack Lyons, or Lisa Mangum. You know, inoquous, unrecognizable, meanignless names) and Marsha:

    Ly here to haunt your Monday. Thanks for the email address. Only one problem. If I give you my email address then you will know who Ly is and all the fun will be over. Okay, all my fun will be over. The rest of you just endure me.

    But, alas, I will email you if you promise, first, never to reveal the identity of Ly. Marsha? Are you willing to take the oath and have the identity of Ly go to the grave with you? Tell me so I can get my cool, book authored by none other than you!

    And LDS Publisher, I’m a trained professional. I can help you with your name. Or at least your struggle with identity disorder. Let me know if you need any help.


  6. Ly,

    Do you really think we don’t all know who you are? You have such a distinctive voice.

    Apparently, so do I, as several people have sussed me out. However, I’ve come to realize that those who have discovered me on their own seem to be invested in keeping my identity secret. They see the value in that. As I hope everyone does.

    Signed: Linda, or Paula or Kathy, or Jack, or Lisa, or . . .

  7. Ly, your secret will be safe with me. After all, I have ADD, and sometimes can’t remember my own name.

    Well, that last is a little extreme, but a fellow ADD sufferer and I have seriously talked about going into business as confidants to people who just need to vent. We’ll never remember any of it.

    All joking aside, I’ve been entrusted with secrets before, and they don’t leak out.


  8. Distinctive voice? Exactly what is a voice? And what is sussing someone out anyway? I don’t get all these big words.

    What voice is it that is so distinctive. I want examples LDSP.


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