Prologues and Epilogues

What do you think of prologues? Epilogues?

If they’re done well, I love them. If they’re not done, you’re better off without them.

I found a site that talks about prologues, and I agree. So go here and read it.

Also, prologues work better in some genres than others. Fantasy and suspense prologues are generally better than say, romance prologues.

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4 thoughts on “Prologues and Epilogues”

  1. So if you have something pivotal that happens to the character before the actual story starts, do you recommend it just be chapter 1 (if it’s not a fantasy or suspense)?

  2. Each story is unique, so it’s hard to say. It depends on how long ago it happened, what it is, and if it really needs its own space or if it would be better off referred to throughout the regular story.

    As a writer, do what feels right for the story. Your readers and editors will give you the feedback you need to answer your question.

  3. I agree. Sometimes a prologue or epilogue is needed. Of course there needs to be a good reason for it and not just used as a major information-dump or backstory. I don’t think there should be a hard and fast rule for either way. Yet, it must work for the particular book.

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