LDSBA—Doo Dahs

Okay, so the official industry lingo calls these “sidelines” but I think doo-dah is so much more descriptive. Each year as I walk the aisles of the LDS BOOKsellers Association Convention, I’m surprise at how the books have dwindled and the sidelines have increased. It’s a sign of the times. We’re becoming a nation of non-readers. (Sigh.)

Here are just a few of the doo-dahs that impressed me. If you have photos of other doo-dah booths, please send them to me.

Author: LDS Publisher

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3 thoughts on “LDSBA—Doo Dahs”

  1. Thanks for posting about the players at the conference–as a newcomer to the marketplace it has been nice to have a tutorial on who the players are and their particular niches.

  2. I use to live in Sister Hansen’s ward in Sandy. She was an awesome person to know. I am glad to see her still working. The statue of the father dancing with the little girl on her shoes was my Bishop in that ward. I love that statue becasue it is so his personality. What a nice guy. Thanks fopr the pictures. I wish I could have gone.

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