The Divine Talisman by Eldon Thompson

Title: The Divine Talisman (vol. 3)

Author: Eldon Thompson

Publisher: EOS

Release Date: July 22, 2008

ISBN: 978-0060741549

Size: 544 pages, hardcover

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Crimson Sword (vol. 1), The Obsidian Key (vol. 2)

To protect his people from the demonic Illysp, Torin, king of Alson, made the ultimate sacrifice. Now, as his best friend and his former love seek to salvage the shattered lands beyond their borders, a treacherous assault costs them their most powerful weapon—the fabled Crimson Sword.

Hopelessly outmatched, Pentania’s citizens must fight to flee their conquered homeland or else perish. Yet an even greater threat looms, for the Leviathan has been awakened, an unfathomable creature whose wrath could single-handedly destroy the entire world.

Hope—if any remains—lies in the efforts of a lone elf, a mad witch, and a fallen hero charged with unraveling a series of divine riddles. Yet to do so they must first find a way to break the very bonds of fiendish possession. . . .

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