It’s the Economy

I have noticed lately that Deseret Book, or a certain publisher if you prefer, has being raising the list price on their books dramatically, almost to the point of being overpriced. Overall, have prices of LDS books in all genres increased more this year than in the past?

Book prices are increasing because the costs of printing and delivery have increased. But it’s not just Deseret Book, or LDS books. It’s all over. Have you checked out Barnes and Noble or Borders lately? Their prices are going up too. As is the price of gas, and groceries, and . . .

Author: LDS Publisher

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4 thoughts on “It’s the Economy”

  1. And clothes . . . and everything else that is delivered by any form of transportation that uses gas.

  2. I’ve been wondering how the higher costs and economy will effect books selling. Do you have any examples of past slow economies and how the book market did during those times?

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