Why Bother?

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I have a question, but I really wasn’t going to ask it, because it may be more of a personal issue than anything else. But, on your recent post, you asked for more questions, so here i am. Do with it as you wish.

The publishing world seems to have already been a difficult wall to break through. Now, considering the increasingly unhelpful markets, I can only imagine the idea of publishing (for a first time fictional author) even more so impossible. So, my question is, unless you’ve got those magic ties and favors to roll in, why bother?

I hope that didn’t seem too over-dramatic, but it’s a serious thought on my mind.

Why bother? Because despite the pain in the neck it can be to get published, having your words in print is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

All publishers, even the unhelpful ones, are looking for new authors. Most publishing houses have several slots in their schedule specifically reserved for new authors. If you have a burning desire to write and to publish, go for it. Keep trying.

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  1. Agreements to Anne Bradshaw. I would add that it’s almost impossible NOT to bother when you finally are able to walk into a book store and see your work on the shelf for sale. That’s when the writing bug REALLY bites. :oP

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