Whitney Awards Benefit Auction

Copied and pasted directly from Kerry Blair’s posts at Six LDS Writers and a Frog:

Don’t miss the Whitney Benefit Auction, going on now! They have dozens of great gifts, all up for auction or buy-it-now purchase. New items are added every single day, so check back often!

We’ve got incredible stuff: Autographed books and gifts, valuable editing packages going for a song, designer clothing, home decorating accents, silk ties, massages, handcrafted note cards, food items, fine art, gorgeous jewelry, book publishing packages, children’s clothing, a family photo shoot, and much, much, much, much more. (We have, in fact, several things you can’t buy anywhere else.)

If you haven’t seen the site lately, you haven’t seen it at all. Several auctions are ending very soon, so I put up more than a dozen new items and services yesterday. I’m putting up a dozen more today—including my own packages of baseball tickets, Hopi jewelry, prickly pear jelly, and an Official Nightshade Ghost-Hunting Kit. (Just where else do you think you’re going to find that?)

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4 thoughts on “Whitney Awards Benefit Auction”

  1. Thank you LDSP! We appreciate all the help in getting the word out, and your generous support of the Whitney Awards in general. thanks much.

  2. And again thank you, LDSP! I hope your many readers who are also writers will check back often this week. Each day we’ll be putting up a new editorial and/or review service from a big name in the biz: Linda Prince from Leatherwood, Kirk Shaw of Covenant Communication, Angela Eschler and Val Holladay, former editors at Covenant, and authors Tristi Pinkston and Kerry Blair. These kinds of packages have been going for a fraction of their value, so bid early and often.

    You’re the best!

  3. I’m loving the Whitney auction. So much marvelous stuff is going for incredibly reasonable prices. I tend to bid on more than I should, but it’s all for a good cause, right?

  4. LDS Publisher,
    H.B. Moore suggested I send you this list of other potential nominations from LDS authors, and I didn’t know any other way to do it besides post it here:

    The Loser’s Guide to Life and Love by A. E. Cannon was released June 24, 2008. Youth Fiction

    The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck
    A Christmas Grace by Anne Perry.
    Adult novel

    Carol Lynch Williams – Pretty Like Us – Youth Fiction

    Orson Scott Card Keeper of Dreams (April 15, 2008) is filled with short stories, etc. so it’s probably not eligible for a nomination though.

    Thanks for the list you’ve been keeping on your blog!

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