A Distant Thunder by Anita Stansfield

Title: A Distant Thunder

Author: Anita Stansfield

Publisher: Covenant Communications, Inc.

Release Date: 2008

ISBN: 978-1598117110

Size: 6×9, softcover

Genre: Romance

Series: Sequel to The Sound of Rain
Jayson sighed. “I miss the naivete of youth. I miss making music in the basement and eating your father’s cooking . . . playing my music and being with the people I loved.”

Elizabeth couldn’t hide the fact that she was a little choked up when she said, “I echo that . . . And I miss the rain.”

Following long moments of quiet, Jayson said, “Rain is . . . just rain . . . and no matter where I go, it’s always raining in my heart.”

After battling personal, professional, and financial setbacks, it looks as though Jayson finally has it all—fame, fortune, and a great family. However, he learns how swiftly a rising star can become extinguished. The problem was that Jayson actually had no life left at all. He had no career, no daughter or mother who needed him. His brother was busy with a flourishing career, and Elizabeth had her family.

Just when he reaches an irreversible crisis point in his life, God’s arms reach out to protect Jayson from his own worst impulses. But the road to healing can be arduous and elusive. And even with the love and support of his precious Elizabeth, can Jayson be reclaimed?

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