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I was reading your blog regarding publishing, very insightful. [I love it when people think I’m insightful.]

I have a short children’s story that I would like to send in for consideration.

My question is to whom do I address my query? I found the address for Deseret Book, as well as the author guidelines. I am just unclear who to address in my query.

To Whom It May Concern? Ms. Sheri Dew? Or is there another name that I should know?

Please forgive my ignorance, but I have Googled several times and have not been able to find the answer, so I turn to you with the hopes that you do know!

I would appreciate any information you could pass along to me.

When you go to their Guidelines for Authors webpage, it says:

“Submit your manuscript or query to Publishing Department, Deseret Book Company, P. O. Box 30178, Salt Lake City, Utah 84130.”

So that is exactly what I would do. They have a very detailed description of how to submit, including how to submit a children’s story.

Then, if you click on the Contact Us link, you will find Lisa Mangum listed as the contact person for Publishing, so address your query to her. (Sheri Dew runs the company but she is not the Submissions Editor.)

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  1. ha! I am here at your site with the same question! Do you think you can PLEASE help me too? =o)

    I have the name of the submissions editor (different LDS book co.)
    I had called on the phone to ask who to address a submission to since it was not listed anywhere on the site. She gave me her name but here’s my question. Please excuse my ignorance, but I really don’t know what’s appropriate for and LDS company. Should I say “Dear SISTER [Smith. etc]”? Or “Dear [Jane] [Smith]” or what?

    I would be extremely relieved and grateful to have someone with some experience share this info with me.


  2. I am an LDS author and I have a fiction romance that was published by The Wild Rose Press. I’d love to get the paperback book on the shelves of Deseret Book, so I asked in my nearby store and they gave me a list of their vendors. None of them who carry books have ever replied to any of my emails. Do you know how I can find out who I need to talk to about stocking my book?

  3. Don’t address your cover letter to Brother or Sister. Address it to the name you were given.

  4. Question: Why is the "h" in such words as he, his, and him capitalized when referring to diety in the Bible but in The Book of Mormon, conference talks and other LDS publications it is not always? Is there a specific protocal? Please advise. Thank you so much.

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