Yes, People Do Ask Me Questions!

Dear LDSP,

In the past, you’ve complained about not having enough questions to answer. Then you said you were going to start writing posts about writing, but you’ve been posting questions again. Did you suddenly get an influx of questions, or what?

Are you kidding me? You actually took time away from writing your great American novel to ask me this question? Seriously?

Yes, I have gotten a few questions lately. Thank you very much.

Questions will always, always, ALWAYS get priority from me. That is because: 1) if someone takes their precious time to ask me a question, I feel they deserve an answer—even if the question is unbelievably stupid uh… ridiculously silly uh… off tangent; and 2) it’s much easier for me to respond to a question than to try to make up something out of the blue.

So please, keep sending me questions. I am out of them as of today. If you’ve sent me a question in the past and I haven’t answered it, please resend it. In all this restructuring and stuff, things may have gotten overlooked. (Sorry.)

Author: LDS Publisher

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2 thoughts on “Yes, People Do Ask Me Questions!”

  1. Yeah! I have so many questions that need to be answered!

    But first I need to make sure you haven’t already answered them.

    I just found your blog a little while ago, and love it! Thanks for taking the time to post. =)

  2. Okay, I have a question.

    Recently, I’ve read a lot on writer’s forums about how bad the book-selling industry is doing right now with the down economy. I’m hearing (reading) that agents and editors are taking on very few new projects, and selecting the ones they do take on with extreme care.

    So, I’m thinking of stopping my querying for my novel for the time being (months, years) until the economy improves. I currently have nine outstanding queries, and I think I’ll see what comes of them, but wait to send out any more.

    My thinking is I want to wait until the market improves so I won’t get a bunch of rejections that otherwise could be acceptances in a better economy. There are only a finite number of agents and publishing houses and if I exhaust them all now, when they’re not in the buying mood, I may lose them, possibly forever.

    At least that’s my thinking on this matter for the time being.

    Am I wrong?

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