Ad Space Available in Whitney Gala Program

This is a bonus post, a message from the Whitney Gala people.

We have limited space available in our professionally designed, full-color keepsake program. Publishers and others may place congratulatory messages for a modest contribution to a very good cause. Submit camera-ready material or ask that our graphic designer incorporate your logo, pictures, and copy (for no extra charge).

The following sizes are available, first come, first served:
Full page: 8.5 x 5.5 $150
Half page: 4 x 2.5 $75
Quarter page: 2 x 1.25 $50

You can pay through PayPal — or send us a check.

We’re also offering one table for eight at the gala. For $500 you will get eight seats (and therefore eight dinners), a table on the front row near the podium, a half-page ad in the program, listing as a Gold Level sponsor on the Whitney website, and verbal recognition during the gala.

If you’re at all interested, or have any questions, send me an email at

Rob Wells
President, Whitney Awards

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

3 thoughts on “Ad Space Available in Whitney Gala Program”

  1. Rob,

    The ad space sounds awesome and the front row table with all the extras is even cooler.

    If we’re not going to be at the Gala, but we would still like to send you a check to support all your efforts, can you post your address in the comments here and let us know where to send the money?

    Thanks and good luck with your awards ceremony planning and etc.

    All the best.

  2. Thanks, Anon! Information about how to donate is on our website at Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find the address (if you want to mail a check) and a PayPal link (if you want to use a credit/debit card).


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