Do You Really Think I’d Copy THAT?!?

It seems that every time I make one teensy little change to my computer, all heck breaks loose! I’ve been dealing with network connection issues all day yesterday and today. Sorry for no real post so far this week.

But here’s a good post that I saw when I was surfing some of my favs over the weekend. While this is a specific situation, it happens a lot in the publishing world—the accusations, not the plagiarism.

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Author: LDS Publisher

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2 thoughts on “Do You Really Think I’d Copy THAT?!?”

  1. This is a good example of an author who is either too paranoid over theft, or who is trying to exploit this opportunity for a lawsuit against someone rich and famous. Celiac disease, the topic of both books, is something I am familiar with. And I can say that the examples that the "jilted" author's lawyer cited in the letter, claiming the other author copied them, are tips that are readily available from many sources. In my opinion, she simply can't claim ownership of these ideas.

  2. Whenever a person hesitates to submit a ms to the publisher I work for because "they might steal my work" I just stare at them….uhhh…. and then say something like no reputable publisher would do that. Next time I borrow a line from your post and say, "Get over yourself." I like it!

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