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Hello LDS Publisher, I am a BYU student and an aspiring writer who loves your blog. [thank you] I have a question: I’ve heard rumors from my friends in the sf&f writing scene here in Utah that most of the LDS publishers (Deseret, Shadow Mountain, Cedar Fort etc) are eagerly looking to acquire, more so than usual and especially for LDS novels with an sf&f spin. Is this true?

I know that it’s never a good idea to “chase the market,” but I have a story idea for an LDS fantasy novel that I could probably have ready to submit within the next three months, if I made it my top priority. I have several other more mainstream projects that I’d like to shop around in New York, but if the LDS market is more open to acquisitions right now, would it be better to work on my LDS project first?

The publishers you’ve mentioned do seem to be looking to acquire. Other smaller ones have slowed down a bit.

As to the SFF preference, that is so hot right now—and has been for awhile. That doesn’t mean publishers aren’t looking for other things too, but like any business, they like to give their customers what they want.

As to which you should work on first—IMHO, work on the one that has the most energy and excitement for YOU. That will give you a better story because you are more invested in it. Chasing the market is only a good idea if you happen to love the particular genre and story line that’s hot.

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  1. I'd say that Shadow Mountain (the national arm of DB) is actually the only one actively acquiring SF/F. I'm quite sure Covenant at least has left the building on that one, leaving that genre to them.

    In your questioner's shoes, I'd shoot for SM. I really don't know of another LDS publisher actively looking for SF/F or one that can push it like SM can.

  2. I had a conversation about sf/f with Kirk Shaw of Covenant two years ago. I asked him if he aquired sf in particular. He said that they did but most of what he recieved sucked. (as in bad writing, typos, etc. therefore not publishable)So I sent him a sf MS. When he rejected it he said he Hated to turn down something he liked because of publishing restrictions.

    In my opinion I would submit it to all of them with a mind set that some may reject it just because they arent doing sf/f. I believe it's worth a try. Good luck.


  3. Not sure why you would think that Annette. I think we've published more than SM. We're doing quite well with them.

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