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My first novel was just released and I’d like to get some buzz going (my publisher doesn’t do much) but I don’t know where to start? Any ideas? Can you give me some step-by-step suggestions?

If I had a new novel coming out, I’d start with the free/cheap stuff first. I also would have started a few months ago, but that’s okay. You can still do all these things now.

  • Set up a blog or website with info about yourself and your book.
    (Good examples: Josi S. Kilpack [love the visually attractive details on her books; her site probably cost money, but you can do similar things with content for cheap] and the “Crusty Old Broads” who wrote The Company of Good Women series [good info on books, authors & upcoming events, visually attractive] )
  • Use the LDS Publisher sites to their full advantage. Take a look at what I do here and send me the needed info:

    —Send me info about your book, so I can post it HERE.

    —Send me info about yourself, so I can post it HERE.

    —Send me a review copy so one of my reviewers can post it HERE.

    —If you have book signings or other appearances set up, send me the info so I can post it HERE.

    —Offer to sponsor either the LDS Publisher blog or the LDS Fiction/Fiction Review blogs.

    —Start commenting on the blogs to get your name recognized (if you have a Blogger blog, your comments will auto link back to your profile, where you will have links to your website and/or blog about your book.)

  • Do the same things above at other sites and forums that allow it.
  • Offer to speak at schools, book clubs, libraries, etc. on a topic related to your book.
  • Tell everyone you know how excited you are about your new book.

Now for the things that cost a little more money.

  • Make business cards with the cover of your book on one side and your contact info on the other (including your website/blog URLs).
  • Make postcards with the same info and send them out to announce book signings and other events. Be sure to include URLs to where the book can be purchased online.

Readers, what am I forgetting? Feel free to share what you’ve done, with links to where you did it.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

13 thoughts on “Creating the Buzz”

  1. I don't think it hurts to use social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. I know that FB offers ads for fairly cheap and they can be quite targeted and pretty effective.

  2. You can also send a review copy to me for possible review on Meridian.
    contact me at bhansen 22 at msn dot com
    Jennie Hansen

  3. These are all excellent ideas. I know I've personally enjoyed helping with blog tours. The book reviews that get the most attention on my blog are definitely the ones that also offer a copy of the book to give away.

  4. Since Jennie posted her info, I'll post mine, too. 🙂 Thanks, Jennie!

    If anyone would like me to read and review their books on my blog, Queen of the Clan, please contact me at queenoftheclan at gmail dot com

  5. fantastic advice! the publisher that looked at my book already asked me my marketing plan. I used a lot of your ideas, but you gave me some new ones. It's a lot of work, but it's exciting!

  6. You could offer to write a guest post/article on an appropriate blog or website. That has worked well for me.

  7. .

    In related Qing, if I sent you the info for my book but it never appeared on LDSF, to what should I attribute that? Will you be offended if I resend?

  8. I didn't know LDSP was watching me and my blog. Cool! Thanks for including me. 🙂

  9. Wonderful post!!! Thank you so much for the great info. And thank you to Jennie and Danyelle for offering to review books. I'm LDS and have a book coming out next summer with Scholastic, part of a 3 book deal! SO excited! But you probably couldn't tell. ;-D

    (btw-the three books are stand-alone novels, one was pitched as the YA version of The Red Tent so they're not part of a trilogy.)

  10. These are excellent ideas. Thanks LDSP! I also think it's a great idea to start doing giveaways which create buzz for your blog. I just did a huge one and garnered quite a few more followers.
    I love participating in book reviews and have reviewed several on my blog. You should also review some books on your blog, make a favorites list, etc. to give reader's a taste of your book taste. 🙂 Contact me at superfelt at if you'd like me to review.

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