Now for Sidelines

This is just a taste. Like I said before, I couldn’t find my camera, so I’m relying on others for these images. If you have some, please send them.

Real Heroes Posters has Book of Mormon and other scripture hero posters. I thought this was a pretty cool concept but the art wasn’t quite to my personal tastes. However, I liked Lehi’s Dream and Mary Mother of Jesus.

Mormon Wrap, another great concept: LDS-themed wrapping paper and gift bags. Don’t know if I buy their “Strengthen their faith with LDS wrapping paper” slogan or the label of “spiritual gift wrap”—I mean, c’mon. Really? Some of the designs were cute. I’m not sure they’ve hit the niche quite yet but they’re close.

Daily Bread—freeze-dried food storage that will last 25 years, and is reasonably priced. I can’t speak for their other products, but the lasagna they were giving tastes of was yummy.

Cherished Moments Jewelry featured some cute, dainty jewelry designs for baby blessings, baptism and YW gifts, as well as missionary gifts and tie pins.

RingMasters always wins the best decorated booth—and they deserve it. I didn’t go to the awards banquet this year but I’m assuming they won because I really didn’t see any other booths doing much to fit the theme. In addition to their popular CTR rings, they had YW jewelry with the new value represented. I also loved their decorator plates and their engraved crystals with mirrored platforms.

Anyone got photos of other booths? Send them in.

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One thought on “Now for Sidelines”

  1. I thought I would really like the Real Heroes art so I went to the site and I don't know if it was to my taste either. A little too computer video game for me.

    But I applaud their efforts. I am glad that they had STEEL broadswords pictured with Helaman and Mormoni though and not Lamanite flint lined clubs. Sorry that's my pet peeve. Nephite aztecs.

    I definetly want to go next year just to check it out.

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