Update on Story Critiques

Christmas Story Contest Participants:

If you haven’t received the e-mail with attached story notes and score sheet, please be patient. Apparently hotmail does not approve of me sending out a bunch of emails in a row with the same message and attachments in them. It will only let me do a few at a time.

Because I’m currently in the middle of a project with deadline looming, I can only send out a few before work, a few at lunch, a few after work. Please know I am sending them as fast as hotmail will allow me. I will let you know when all have been sent so you can notify me if yours got lost somewhere over China.

As for online critiques, be patient on that too. They’re all done, just need to post them‚ which takes some time.

Sorry for the delays.


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  1. My email program is putting emails from LDSP in the junk file. So check your junk file and put her on the do not block list if you aren't getting emails from her!

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