Voting Instructions

Voting for LDSP’s 2009 Christmas Story Contest starts NOW!

VOTE between Monday, August 17th and Saturday, August 22nd.
(Time/Date stamp on comment determines vote eligibility.)

Voting Rules:

  1. There will be four winners:
    Readers Choice (Published authors)
    Readers Choice (Unpublished authors)
    Publisher’s Choice (Published authors)
    Publisher’s Choice (Unpublished authors).

  2. Publisher’s Choice winners will be judged on a variety of criteria, according to a point system which I will explain later. But it basically boils down to quality of writing, uniqueness of story and what I think will best sell the book.
  3. You can vote by whatever criteria you want, just don’t make it a popularity contest.
  4. You MAY vote anonymously.
  5. You MAY vote for yourself. (In fact, you should.)
  6. You may vote twice in each category: Published and Unpublished.
    Click HERE to read all stories by Published Authors. Vote for two.
    Click HERE to read all stories by Unpublished Authors. Vote for two.

    NOTE: There are 23 stories by Unpublished Authors entered in our contest.

    Due to the limitations of Blogger, only 19 of them show up when you click the link above.

    After you’ve read those, click the OLDER POSTS link at the bottom right to get to the last four stories.

    (If anyone knows how to change this, please let me know ASAP. I’ve tried changing the # posts to display on the main page setting, but that doesn’t work.)

  7. You may only vote for a particular story once. We’re on the honor system here.
  8. You may make all the comments you like, but VOTING COMMENTS must clearly indicate that it is a vote. (Ex: I’m voting for this one…)

  9. AUTHORS: Please tell your friends that you’ve submitted a story and to come read and vote, but DO NOT tell them which story is yours. We want the stories to win on merit, not personal popularity.
  10. I’ll announce the winners on Monday, August 24th.

It’s going to take a lot of time for me to go through these stories, write feedback, and pick winners. Therefore, the regular LDSP blog posts are suspended this week.

[P.S. Voting and other comments on the stories will also enter you in the Monthly Comment Contest.]

Author: LDS Publisher

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