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Covenant likes my novel and asked for specific revisions. I worked out the revisions and was very pleased with the result, then sent the mss back to them. They were excited to receive it, especially when I let them know it was part of a trilogy.

Then, two days later, I went back and re-read, finding errors, words left out (from the cutting and editing), I was horrified. I kept reading, and it cleaned up after the first few chapters. I think in my excitement I was more careful with the main body and end of the work, where most of the major cuts had been made, and hastily scanned over the beginning, which didn’t need so much revision.

Here is my concern: It has been six weeks and I haven’t heard from them. Since the first time around took nine months, I really don’t have a time-table of expectation, but with the errors, I am anxious. I have already gone through and edited again, double checking, and have a much cleaner mss now, but do I tell them that? Do I just wait it out? Is it professional to contact them?

I have learned a valuable lesson. But I am still learning. And I can’t seem to focus on anything, worrying about this… and I am usually pretty level-headed and patient. I would appreciate any advice.

While it is very important to make sure you send a clean, typo-proofed manuscript, it’s not the end of the world if a few mistakes slip through.

First, take a deep breath. They know this is your first novel. They know you’re going to make mistakes.

Second, e-mail your contact and request a status report. You could mention that after you sent the revisions, you found some cut and paste errors, and would they like you to send them a cleaner copy.

Last, relax already. If they like the story, they’ll say, “We like the story. Fix all those typos.”

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4 thoughts on “Just Breathe”

  1. I feel for this person! What a horrible feeling! But like Angie said, editors are people. I'm sure they will be forgiving of the first few typos. Typos are easy to fix. Plot isn't!

    Good luck!

  2. No way will they reject the book over a few typos or missing words. Don't worry! (but I know you'll worry anyway, because I know how it feels to wait for a decision on a manuscript after revising and resubmitting it. I hope you hear back very soon with a big YES!).

  3. I have to admit that this is the worst part of using track changes *for me*. I ALWAYS make new mistakes using track changes, and it's just so embarrassing. I feel for you.

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