The Plot Thickens by Jordan McCollum

Jordan doesn’t know I’m using her as a guest blogger here today. I got up really early to write today’s post and started by reading comments on yesterday’s posts. So I’m referencing her stuff without notifying her because I figure she’s not likely up and at her computer at 6-freaking-a.m. and I need blog content NOW!

[By the way, please send questions. I’m all out again.]

Anyway, for those of you who did not read yesterday’s comments, Jordan McCollum has a 22 part series on her blog about plotting, and The Snowflake Method is just one of the ways to plot that she reviews.

This is an amazing series. Go read the whole thing—or pick your post from the index I’ve included below.

  1. The Plot Thickens
  2. An “Organic” Story

  3. Making it up as she went along—The Winchester Mystery Story

  4. Becoming a Story Architect

  5. A Story in Three Acts

  6. The Story Question

  7. The Five Act Story Structure

  8. The Act Structure in Action

  9. Pros and Cons of the Three Act Structure

  10. A Quick Look at the Snowflake Method

  11. A 10-Step Snowflake vs a 5-Step Snowflake: Organizing a Manuscript My Way
  12. Pros and Cons of the Snowflake Method

  13. A Quick Overview of the Hero’s Journey

  14. Archetypal Characters in the Hero’s Journey

  15. Applying the Hero’s Journey

  16. The Hero (and Herione’s) Journey—Hero’s Journey in Romance

  17. Cons of the Hero’s Journey

  18. Overview of Larry Brooks’ Story Structure

  19. Story Structure in Action

  20. The Hero’s Journey with Story Structure

  21. Setting Up the Story Question

  22. The End

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6 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens by Jordan McCollum”

  1. Oh! Wow! Thanks! I'm always up for links 😀 .

    And yes, I was not awake at 6 AM.

    I'm hoping to get this all into a PDF soon (next week, probably) for free download and reading convenience.

    Enjoy, LDSP readers!

  2. Whoa, I just bookmarked Jordan's site so that I could come back and read all the posts about plot, and the next thing I know, here are all the links right here! Good work, LDSP, and Jordan, I'm really looking forward to using this.

    Now I just need the right plot …

  3. I also followed the link from Jordan's comment. I love the "Story Structure" outline and bookmarked several pages for reference. Thank you!

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