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My Spiritual Trail by Robyn Heirtzler

Cateline Fortier remembers little of the mother she lost when she was only four. In an effort to save her own history for her posterity, Cateline begins a journal that follows her remarkable journey to find her family—a journey that leads to employement on a wagon train bound for Salt Lake City in 1862.

Trail life means Indians, hardship and death, but through it all Cateline learns to love the Mormons, growing especially close to a lonely widower and his two small children. Nevertheless, she struggles to accept the faith of her newfound friends as her own.

My Spiritual Trail is a trek—not so much through the wilderness of the West, but through the heart and hopes of an unforgettable young woman.

Robyn Heirtzler currently resides in southern Utah with her husband and their five children. She enjoys running, history, photography, fishing, hiking, boating and rappelling with her family and friends.

She enjoys most those things she can do with her husband and children, no matter the activity.

She has worked as a staff writer and the managing editor of the Hurricane Valley Journal and the Cedar City Review and has had articles published in 4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility Magazine, Irreantum, and other publications.

Santa Maybe by Aubrey Mace

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good girl this year. (Well . . . pretty good.) I have a nice life and there’s only one thing that I really want—one thing that’s missing. If you happen to have an extra one lying around your workshop, I would really like a husband. I promise to take good care of him.

Love, Abbie

With a successful bakery to run, super cute nieces and nephews to spoil, and plenty of good friends to keep her company, Abbie’s not about to start crying over the fact that she doesn’t have a boyfriend to spend Christmas with. But when her sister convinces her to write a note to Santa, Abbie has no idea that a little Christmas magic is about to land her the man of her dreams. Or rather, that man is about to land smack dab on the floor in front of her Christmas tree with no memory of how he got there.

Now Abbie and Ben have to figure out where he came from, who he really is, and if he’s actually available.

Aubrey Mace: I live in Sandy Utah where I have been writing stories for most of my life. In retrospect, the fact that I was secretly scribbling short stories during my medical coding class probably should have been a clue that coding was not my first love.

I graduated from Jordan High School and also attended LDS Business College and Utah State University. I wrote my first Official Short Story of a Certain Length while I was attending Utah State. In addition to Santa Maybe, I have two other published books: Spare Change and My Fairy Grandmother.

I still earn my living in the medical field and when I’m not busy with my day job, I divide my hours between working on my next book and spending time with my wonderful family. I enjoy cooking, traveling, gardening, playing the piano and cello, and last but certainly not least, reading.

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