New Feature: Recommended Reads

Announcing, LDS Publisher’s Recommended Reads!

(See sidebar, second item from top.)

dit…dot…dit…We interrupt this announcement with an important message…

After much consideration, I’ve decided to discontinue the LDS Fiction Review site.

I had the best of intentions when I started the review site but… I just don’t have time to review books and apparently my volunteer reviewers don’t either. It probably has something to do with the fact that I expect them to work for free—and I am a harsh and demanding task-master.

For those of you still anxiously awaiting a promised review, I have made arrangements for other reviewers at other sites to do those reviews—by the end of this month. (They’ve promised.)

I will notify you when the reviews are posted and add review post links to the LDS Fiction post for your book.

(Authors not waiting for my review may send me a link to ONE review and I will add that to your post.)

And now back to our announcement…dit…dot…dit…

Missing the LDS Fiction Reviews?

Never fear.

LDS Publisher’s Recommended Reads was developed just for you!

Every week, I’ll post images of books that IMNSHO are guaranteed to please.

Click HERE for more details.

Happy Reading!

P.S. Yes, you can still put ads in the sidebar, but they need to be 125 x 125.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

14 thoughts on “New Feature: Recommended Reads”

  1. Is there an LDS or other value driven website that offers recommendations on books (cleanliness, etc.). I am really sick of picking up novels from the library and after less than a chapter putting them down because of what I view as inappropriate material. I am dying to read a good historical romance w/o all the garbage. I must admit I'm not really into the books that carry a Christian or LDS message. I just want a good escape not a lecture. Any recommendations out there?

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I'd love to hear your recommendations, now that I'm finally reading again.

  3. I'm sorry to see LDS Fiction Review go, but totally understand why. I'm very grateful that TRAIL OF STORMS was reviewed as one of the lucky few that received that benefit. Thank you, and thanks again to "Erin," for her outstanding review.

    The site will stay up though, right?

  4. Anon, I have a friend who does this site. (She reviewed under the name "Morgan" on LDS Fiction Review.)

    I stole her ideas for my site and she stole the avatar that I didn't use. I keep telling her to put an ad up on my site to let people know she's there, but she says she's not ready yet.

    Marsha, yes, the site will stay up for now.

  5. is a great website too. The author of that blog is LDS and very honest. I haven't seen a review of hers yet that I disagreed with. She reviews LDS fiction and other fiction as well and then gives it a grade and tells you what it would be rated if it were a movie and why.

  6. Anon, there is popular group on called Clean Romance, and it specifically addresses stories that are NOT inspirational or religious. It's run by Joyce DiPastena. It's a trustworthy resource for me, so far. Good luck!

  7. Anon, I co-moderate a group on Goodreads called Clean Romances. This group is dedicated to supporting clean secular romances of the type it sounds like you're looking for. We've built up a nice bookshelf of clean romance titles and are adding new titles as we find them. We invite you to check our group out! You can do so at

  8. Anon, have you tried Joyce DiPastena's books? Donna Hatch also writes clean historicals with no LDS messages.

  9. I love book recommendations! I just looked at the LDS fiction website, and am so excited to get more books to read. I'm sad that you won't be offering your services, but these other bloggers will be just as good, right?

  10. Wow! It just goes to show you that I found the right place to ask my questions.

    Thanks everyone! I'll check all these sites out.

  11. Yikes! Not only did my Goodreads link not come out, but I wrote that terrible sentence: "This group is dedicated to supporting clean secular romances of the type it sounds like you're looking for"…on a blog called "LDS Publisher" of all places! (Like I want her to know how sloppy I write when I'm not paying attention.)

    Anyway, just go to Goodreads, click on Groups, and type in "Clean Romances" and it should take you to our group.

  12. I think this is awesome. I always have a hard time finding choosing just one good book. This will help tons.

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