Diabetes Auction Starts Today!

Brenda Novak’s auction starts today. We ended up gathering over 100 items for the auction.

“What?” you say? There are only 93 listed in the LDS Publisher category? That is because some of the authors/publishers felt their books would be a better fit in some of the other categories.

Also, the PTBs moved the Fablehaven set HERE. (Yes! The full set, signed by Brandon Mull!) It’s a one day auction that begins and ends on May 13th. Guess they think that will be a hot one. (And of course, it will. I was thinking of bidding on it myself.)

We have both fiction and non-fiction books listed, as well as editing, dinner with a publisher, and a “Bypass the Slush Pile” from Valor Publishing. Go take a look and BID! (Bidding instructions are HERE.)

While you’re there, browse around the other categories. There are some awesome items up for grabs!

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2 thoughts on “Diabetes Auction Starts Today!”

  1. Thanks for the link. It's not a hard site to use and has some great reads available to bid on.

  2. The auction just closed and I can't wait to get the books I bought! Thanks for the info on the auction- I wouldn't have known about it otherwise, and am always happy to help a great cause and get some great books 🙂

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