Do I Have to Have a Launch Party?

Do I have to have a launch party, or can I just send out announcements?

No. You don’t have to have a launch party.

However, book sales are greatly benefited by the human connection—the more you interact with readers on a personal level where they can meet and greet and get to know you, the better your sales. A launch party is a fun way to do this.

If you just can’t do a face-to-face launch party, then get on Facebook and make friends. Blog. Have a virtual launch party with activities and prizes. Do something to let people know you and like you.

Author: LDS Publisher

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3 thoughts on “Do I Have to Have a Launch Party?”

  1. A launch party also gives your friends and family (your first and best customers) to get together and celebrate your success and get their books signed. This motivates them to get reading it early, so they can be your word of mouth marketers based not just on knowing you, but on how good your book is. I'm currently planning a big launch for Dec. 13th, and kicking off an online word-of-mouth marketing program next week. If you want to follow along and see how it all succeeds or fails, head over to:

  2. I'm thinking about doing a launch party, but I'm not sure–unless I can talk you, LDSP, into coming :).

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