2010 Mystery Suspense Cover Finalists

Blink of an Eye by Gregg Luke
Publisher: Covenant

LDSP comment: I haven’t read this book yet but it’s on my To Read Very Soon list because of this cover. Isn’t it just sort of creepy awesome? You zero right in on that eyeball and everything else is secondary. Including the title, which lost points for me. Author’s name is good as a visual element for size and placement. However, I might have switched the Title and Author elements—making the title big and the author’s name curve up the side. Or maybe not. What do you think?
Dangerous Connections by Julie Coulter Bellon
Publisher: Covenant

LDSP comment: I chose this one because of the gradient colors , the water drops, and that image in the center. My first thought was, “What the heck is that?” Then I realized, oh. Biochemical warfare. Awesome! Once again, the image here does not do the cover justice. The colors in real life are more eye-catching. I like the white author name, size and placement. I’m not as thrilled with the font choice of the title. Even though it’s the kind of type you’d see on army boxes, it still seems…odd. Maybe it’s more the size, color and placement that is off for me, rather than the font. Opinions?

Deadline by Clair M. Poulson
Publisher: Covenant

LDSP comment: Genre winner for me. Havent’ read it. Have no idea if the cover is a good representation of what’s inside but I love that cover! Every. Single. Thing. It just screams suspense novel to me. Love the newspaper, the blood, the title color, the big bold author name. I will definitely pick it up and give it a look!
No Place to Hide by Kristoffer Neff
Publisher: Granite

LDSP comment: This one gets the “ooo! creepy…” my award. From the title up, it works for me. Those eyes behind the boys are just awesomely evil. *shiver* However, I find that my eyes never really make it to that bottom third of the cover. Wasted space.

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck
Publisher: Threshold Editions

LDSP comment: Political Thriller. You’d know that from the cover, even if it didn’t say “A Thriller” under the title. I have no idea what the Statue of Liberty is holding in her left hand, but the cover makes me want to find out. I like the blue. I like the placement of elements. And I really like those birds. (Visions of Hitchcock, anyone?)

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7 thoughts on “2010 Mystery Suspense Cover Finalists”

  1. Why wasn't Cold As Ice in here? That cover gave me chills each and every time I saw it. I picked Dangerous Connections because I like the imagery it brings to mind.

  2. I debated back and forth between Blink of an Eye and Deadline, and finally went with Deadline. I think it speaks to the writer in my and man, if my publisher's deadline meant to live or die, you better be sure I'd have it done! (I have no clue what the book was about – but love the cover!)

    I agree with TJ. Where's Cold As Ice? It's a great cover!

  3. I debated a long time because I like Cold as Ice too but I felt these covers were just a little more…intriguing? Mysterious?

  4. I voted for the cover of The Overton Window because the Statue of Liberty and the NY City skyline really caught my eye. What is the statue holding in her left hand? I'll have to read the book to find out.

  5. I wasn't that thrilled with any of these, but I went with Deadline because I liked the picture's simplicity and clarity and the red caught my eye more than the colors in the other covers.

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