2010 YA Cover Finalists (Non-Fantasy)

The Hoarders by Jean Stringham
Publisher: Cedar Fort

LDSP comment: I like this cover! I’m not sure that it’s the best for catching the attention of the YA reader, but it certainly caught mine. The only thing I didn’t like was the author’s name. Too small and too hard to read.

Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison
Publisher: Razorbill

LDSP comment: A great cover—and winner for me! I think it would have great appeal to YA girls. I love that cautious, tenuous connection between the two hands, so fragile as is young love. I like the blurred snow effect. I love the title fonts and placement and the author’s name across the bottom. Even the little teaser in the top right is perfect. I repeat: Great cover!

Taming the Wind by Michelle Thompson
Publisher: Cedar Fort

LDSP comment: Another captivating cover that will really appeal to the target reader. That face with the hair blowing across it is great. Good placement of elements, good title font. I like the wilderness at the bottom. Very intriguing and on my To Read list based on cover alone.

Tombs of Terror by T Lynn Adams
Publisher: Cedar Fort

LDSP comment: I like this cover. I’m not sure about the level of appeal for teen boys but I like it. I especially like the colors and the title as graphic image. I also like the way it draws your eye into the center and right down that tunnel.

Wolves, Boys, & Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler
Publisher: Viking Juvenile

LDSP comment: This was a cover that grew on me. I always liked that blue background and the title as a graphic element. I liked the upside down wolf. But I wasn’t sure about the way it was put together. The one thing I really didn’t like was the girl. Her image is still my least favorite element of the cover, but the more I come back to this cover, the more it intrigues me.

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3 thoughts on “2010 YA Cover Finalists (Non-Fantasy)”

  1. I liked Taming the Wind. The hair blowing across the woman's half-face intrigues me.

  2. I voted for Tombs of Terror. T. Lynn Adams is my friend over at latterday authors, the book is very good and yes, I do like the cover best.


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