Which Book Would You Pick as the 2010 Best Youth General Fiction?

Glimpse Missing In Action My Double Life The Healing Spell Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me
Carol Lynch Williams Dean Hughes Janette Rallison Kimberly Griffiths Little Kristen Chandler

In the comments section, state which book you think should win 2010 Best General Fiction and why.

Or, if you have another favorite that didn’t make the list, you can go ahead and tell us about it too.

(I’d love it if you’d repeat your comment over on the LDS Fiction post for that book. Just click on the link below the book cover. Your comment will also enter you in the drawing for a free book at the end of May!)

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6 thoughts on “Which Book Would You Pick as the 2010 Best Youth General Fiction?”

  1. I've only read two of these–My Double Life and Wolves, Boys… Liked them both. The rest are on my to read soon list.

  2. Loved My Double Life. I'm a total Janette Rallison fangirl. Haven't read the rest, so can't vote.

  3. I want to read Missing in Action, but the only book in this category I've read is My Double LIfe. I really liked it so it gets my vote.

  4. Wolves, Boys… So good. I loved everything about it: voice, characters, excellent nuance.

    Glimpse was my second favorite. I enjoyed them all, though; this was probably the tightest category for me.

  5. This was an amazingly hard category to choose from. They all blew me away and were a pleasure to read. It came down to which one I felt was the strongest overall, and I had to give it to Boys, Wolves, etc. Definitely my favorite category this time around!

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