Missionary Fiction?

Quick question, do you know if lds publishers are interested in fictional stories about missionaries?

Of course. Why wouldn’t they be? As long as it’s well-written and not preachy, has intriguing characters that readers can relate to, an interesting plot line, and upholds LDS beliefs and standards, most LDS publishers will give it a look.

There’s even some precedent for interest by national publishers. I know there are some I’ve heard of recently but Google is not my friend today. The only one I can recall off the top of my head is Charlotte’s Rose by A.E. Cannon published by Wendy Lamb Books (imprint of Random House).

[Readers, if you can think of some other titles of fiction with LDS characters published by national publishers, leave the titles in the comments section.]

Just remember, good fiction needs to be good fiction. No one wants a preachy book or a thinly disguised version of the missionary discussions. It has to be real.

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4 thoughts on “Missionary Fiction?”

  1. In Mandy Hubbard's Epic Post on Trends, she reported that:

    "Characters of other races, religions, etc, are high on the priority list, as most eds want to see more diversity. One thing, though, is that in many cases they want a book about a character who happens to be black, or jewish, or in a wheel chair, not a book about a character’s identity as it relates to those specific things."

    Perhaps engaging LDS characters could fit the bill!

  2. I like what ~T~ says. And with two potential presidents candidates who have connections to the Church, there's certainly some curiosity out there.

  3. TAKEN BY STORM by Angela Morrison published by RazorBill (Penquin imprint)

    BACK WHEN YOU WERE EASIER TO LOVE by Emily Wing Smith published by Dutton (another Penguin imprint, I believe)

  4. The "Other Side of Heaven" is a story about John H. Groberg on his mission to the Pacific Islands. Recently it was made into a movie.

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