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2 thoughts on “NaNoToons”

  1. I always get this guilty feeling at the end of Oct. cause I"m not doing the nano. The comics made me laugh.

    About epublishing. . . there's so much to figure ot. I finally decided to self-pub some of my YA stuff because Amazon lowered the Kindle price so much I'm guessing more teens will have them. But who knows. I've started blogging about my self-pub story and had some interesting personal emails that were so supportive from other writers. It's like we're all holding our breath right now to see how this all settles.

    Life of Lois

  2. Those are awesome 😀

    Getting a rough draft down quickly is not my problem. Pplishing to perfection IS my problem – SO this year I have a revision list for nano, instead of a nano project. BUT it's always fun to see what people are working on 😀

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