Friday Funny: NaNo Style (plus something serious)

“Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“Write who?”


“Uhm, yeah. You already said that. Write who?”



“Exactly, write whatever.”

~John Waverly

And speaking of NaNo. Do you need a little extra support to get you going? Visit

What is WriteChat? “WriteChat is just a chat room for writers to…write. And chat. And share. And be pushed and spanked and whipped into accountability. It is for all genres and subgenres and subsubsubgenres.”

Run by Elizabeth Beeton (aka Moriah Jovan), they feature 20 minute timed writing sprints, where you share your word count and a snippet of your work (if you want). According to Beeton, “It’s been packed for NaNo. A couple of NYT bestsellers come in every day to get their word count in. We make sure the people are over 18 and make sure sensibilities are respected as to content and conversation. There are a bunch of specialty rooms and people can create their own rooms on the fly.”

I’m going to be checking this out as I am—once again—sorely behind in my NaNo Word Count.

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