I Am NOT the Editor at Deseret Book…

This is me.


I am an anonymous blogger who speaks to issues on getting published in the LDS industry.

Even if I were an editor at Deseret Book, I would never admit it through the avenues of this blog. Nor would I respond to emails sent to me here, but addressing me as my real-life counterpart.

The reason I’m reiterating this (and believe me REiterating is the correct usage in this case, as opposed to iterating, which is usually adequate) is because lately, I’ve been getting a LOT of emails addressed directly to various editors for Deseret Book or inquiring as to the status of a DB submission, but using MY ldspublisher email address.

It’s not completely unheard of that someone emails me here thinking I’m a particular editor at one of the LDS publishing companies. BUT, the fact that I’m getting so many lately specifically for Deseret Book employees makes me wonder if someone hasn’t posted their theory that I work for Deseret Book somewhere and said it with enough authority that others believe it to be true.

Shame on you, if you did that. Because 1) you’re giving bad advice to new authors by telling them to contact a particular company in any way other than what they officially state on their website, and 2) it’s just rude to try and out me!

So if you’ve done this—well-meaning or not—STOP IT! Correct it! And don’t do it again!

Please. 🙂

For the record:

Yes, I do work for a publishing company. And if you happen to get it right, I do forward the email to the appropriate person.

But most of the time, you get it wrong and when you do, I am no more able to contact the correct person than you are.

And even when you do get it right, and I AM the person you need to address in real-life, the fact that you try to contact me through this avenue tells me that you’re not a professional and you haven’t done your homework and you’re going to need more hand-holding than I really want to give. I may still accept your manuscript, but I’m going to do it reluctantly.

Author: LDS Publisher

I am an anonymous blogger who works in the LDS publishing industry. I blog about topics that help authors seeking publication and about published fiction by LDS authors.

7 thoughts on “I Am NOT the Editor at Deseret Book…”

  1. Great advice anon. I desperately want to get published so I'll just spam an editor until my name gets passed around on the "Do Not Publish. EVER" list. Why didn't I think of that first?

  2. Dang. All this time I thought you were really Sheri Dew in disguise. Okay, back to the cyber stalking . . .

  3. Sheri Dew…that's a good one :).

    I don't think I'll guess. I'm just glad this blog exists. It's been really helpful.

  4. Of course you're not an editor at DB. Not even Sheri Dew. Think bigger. You're Sheri's boss. Which brings up the thought that maybe, instead of submitting manuscripts, they should ask about the state of their salvation.

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