Banana Split by Josi Kilpack

A tropical paradise seems like the ideal place for amateur detective Sadie Hofmiller to relax and unwind from the panic attacks that have begun to control her life. But when Sadie accepts the offer to stay at a friend s condo on the island of K auai, her perfect vacation turns into a nightmare.

On a snorkeling trip with the Blue Muumuus, a community group of adventurous older women, Sadie finds herself entangled, quite literally, with the dead body of Noelani Pouha, a local drug addict. The police are convinced they know exactly what happened to Noelani.

Reeling from the shock of her own near-drowning, Sadie has no interest in looking for any other possible answers until Noelani s son appears on her doorstep, presenting her with a reason to gather her inner strength, rally her investigative powers, and use what she s learned from her past cases to try and find closure…for both of them.

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Title: Banana Split

Author: Josi S. Kilpack

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Release Date: March 6, 2012

ISBN: 978-1609089030

Size: 368 pages, 5×8″, softcover

Genre: Culinary Mystery

Sadie Hoffmiller Series: Lemon Tart (bk 1), English Trifle (bk 2), Devil’s Food Cake (bk 3), Key Lime Pie (bk 4), Blackberry Crumble (bk 5), Pumpkin Roll (bk 6)

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7 thoughts on “Banana Split by Josi Kilpack”

  1. Wow, that’s kind of creepy, since I’m sitting in my daughter’s living room . . . in Kaua’i. I’ve got to get the first book in this series. I’ve got Pumpkin. Ugh.

  2. Loved it! This was a little different from the other books in the series. Sadie is struggling with depression and shock from the previous book. I could totally relate and found that it added depth to her character. I was inspired by her recovery, and completely enthralled with the mystery. Great book. Great series!

  3. What is the Lexile level of that book? My sixth grader wants to read it, but I don’t know if she will understand it.

    1. No idea. It’s written for adults and this is not the first book of the series. I’d suggest that you read it first. The first book in the series is Lemon Tart.

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