Sylvia, Come Home by Tom Roulstone

In 1893 eighteen-year-old Mormon girl Sylvia Prescott elopes with Rex Boyd, a non-Mormon hired ranch-hand. After a brief wedding, they flee to boom town Butte, Montana.

Soon, Rex returns to his old vices of drinking and gambling. Sylvia regrets her rashness in running off with Rex, but resolves to stick with him.

She takes a job at the local mercantile, to help pay off Rex’s debts. There she meets the amoral Virgil Slade, who vows to steal her from Rex and make her the mistress of Slade House, his Gothic revival mansion he’s building.

In the meantime, Rose, a young Irish girl and half-sister of the local Catholic priest, befriends Sylvia and becomes fascinated with Mormonism.

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Title: Sylvia, Come Home

Author: Tom Roulstone

Publisher: Self

Release Date: March 20, 2012

ASIN: B007N86E2A

Size: 192 pages, ebook

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: LDS Publisher

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